Who Will I Meet Next

The whole concept of life is such an absurd and confusing thing. Movies and TV shows and books, they all try to portray it the best that they can, but none of them are fair depictions. Because in these portrayals, the viewer or the reader can always skip to the end. As the audience, we can see what is coming towards the characters even when they can’t. We get omnipotent glimpses into the lives of characters and all the inter-weaving emotions and dynamics and histories. We see the longing stare from the girl towards the attractive, mysterious guy as he walks away. We overhear the conversation the guy has with his friends about the girl that he screwed things up with.

In life, I’ll never have that. I’ll never be able to foresee what’s coming my way or know what someone else is thinking. When I meet a nice guy that I have a real, meaningful life conversation with, I’ll never be able to predict the role he will play in my life. Will we only share the one conversation? Is he thinking about me? Is he in love with a girl that I don’t know about? Life isn’t a movie. I have to keep going on to find out the end of the story.

People come into my life so unexpectedly. Sometimes I wish I could jump to the end of the story and see what effect on my life they will all have. But that would ruin all the beauty, right? There’s beauty in the unknown. It forces me to take chances. It forces me to be vulnerable with people. Vulnerability is the most beautiful and terrifying thing. I’m scared to open up my heart to someone, with the chance that they may one day disappear or turn out to be someone completely different than the image I had in mind. But there’s that slight, improbable chance that they could change my life completely: that they could make me feel things I never have before, that they may understand my soul like no other person can, that they would be my biggest inspiration, that they would be my dearest friend or love. And that chance is worth any amount of pain.

Would life be as exciting if we knew what was ahead? I’m starting to think it wouldn’t be as fun. The little surprises of life are what make it so great. When I look back and think that I had no idea who was about to walk into my life and how much they would mean to me, it’s the best.

I’m forever thankful for those little surprises and for the people that have and will impact my life in ways that I cannot even imagine right now.


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